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Parent Coaching and Consultation

Three Generations

Tailored Support and Guidance

Parent Coaching and Consultation services offer 45-60 minute sessions of short-term support in either individual or small group settings via Telehealth. This service is designed to provide tailored guidance and support, addressing specific areas such as child development, behavioral management, family transitions, and support for high-risk children, catering to the unique needs of each family.

Collaborative Goal Setting

The parent coach collaboratively works with parent(s) or caregivers to conduct a brief assessment and establish clear, achievable goals. These may include fostering healthy relationships, setting effective boundaries, enhancing communication, and refining parenting strategies to promote a harmonious family environment and support the child’s development.

Connection to Resources

An integral part of Parent Coaching is connecting families to outside resources. The coach acts as a bridge, linking individuals and families to additional support and services that contribute to long-term stabilization and continuation of care. This ensures a comprehensive approach to addressing the multifaceted needs of the family.

Psychoeducation and Insight

The service is not only beneficial for practical interventions but also provides valuable psychoeducation tailored to the child/family’s individual needs and diagnoses. This educational component empowers parents and caregivers with clinical insight, enhancing their understanding and equipping them with the knowledge to support their child effectively.

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