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Family Therapy (Telehealth)


Introduction to Family Therapy

Family therapy serves as a pivotal cornerstone in addressing and resolving familial conflicts, improving communication, and strengthening bonds among family members. Conducted through Telehealth, these sessions, lasting 45-60 minutes, are scheduled weekly or biweekly as deemed appropriate by the therapist, ensuring consistent and focused therapeutic engagement.

Preliminary Steps: Intake and Assessment

Initiating the journey of family therapy involves a mandatory intake and assessment session. This foundational step allows the therapist to understand the dynamics, challenges, and specific needs of the family. Based on this comprehensive assessment, the therapist will determine the appropriateness and frequency of ongoing family therapy sessions.

Insurance Considerations and Alternatives

It's important to note that some insurance plans may not cover Couples Therapy, a component of family therapy. In such instances, the therapist will engage in a transparent discussion about alternative options and solutions to ensure that every family member receives the necessary support and intervention.

 Goals and Benefits of Family Therapy

Family therapy aims to foster understanding, enhance communication, and facilitate positive change within the family unit. Through collaborative efforts, families can navigate challenges, reinforce their bonds, and cultivate a harmonious and supportive environment, thereby contributing to the overall well-being and resilience of each family member.

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