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Intake and Assessment (Telehealth)


 Initial Introduction and Documentation Review

During the first 45-60 minutes of the

Intake and Assessment session conducted via Telehealth,

the therapist will review all essential documents. This includes consent forms, confidentiality documents, and intake questionnaires that clients are required to complete prior to the appointment. Ensuring clarity and understanding of these documents is crucial for a

transparent therapist-client relationship.

Personal Exploration and History

This segment of the session is dedicated to understanding the client's strengths, resources, and history of functioning. The therapist will engage in a thorough exploration of the client’s current challenges and symptoms, laying the groundwork for a personalized therapeutic approach. A detailed discussion about personal history helps in crafting a tailored treatment plan.

Goal Setting and Level of Care Determination

The therapist will work closely with the client to establish clear and attainable therapeutic goals. A final conversation will determine if the client meets the criteria for the current level of care or if an alternative service may be more beneficial. This step is essential to ensure that each individual receives the most appropriate and effective form of therapy.

Scheduling and Insurance Considerations

If the therapist and client agree that the services are appropriate, they will schedule ongoing sessions. At this point, clients should be aware that every insurance plan mandates the submission of a Mental Health Diagnosis for coverage. Clients need to consider this requirement when choosing between using insurance, Out of Network benefits, or Self-Pay options.

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