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RAI Cares Program

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As we all make efforts to cope with the vast impact of the pandemic and other significant public health issues that have been amplified recently (including racial injustices against Black people and other minority groups), the demand for therapy has been higher than ever! Unfortunately, this does not mean access to mental health services has been any easier.

The RAI Cares Program, was created out of necessity:

  • To provide affordable online & phone counseling to low income clients, clients without insurance or clients who are having difficulty finding counselors that accept their insurance.

  • Promote the professional development of pre-licensed counselors who are already critically needed, to meet the high demand for therapy. All of our RAI Cares providers receive regular clinical supervision.

We are glad to offer affordable counseling services through our RAI Cares program.

If you are in Massachusetts and need counseling, contact us today to learn more and get connected! 

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