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RAI Means Life.
Where there is Life, there is Hope.

Thank you for taking this brave first step towards counseling. It is okay to not feel okay at times,

and to seek professional help. 


RAI Counseling has a diverse team of experienced Master's level and Licensed therapists who provide a variety of counseling services and resources to children, youth, adults, families, and other professionals.

We lead with Respect, Compassion & Empowerment 
as we help you find useful ways of coping,

increase self-awareness and self-compassion,
and work towards a more balanced and enjoyable life.

Your First Therapy Visit

Whether you’re dealing with a new or chronic issue,

we provide a non-judgmental, empathetic and strength based approach.

The first visit is called an Intake. Your counselor will gather information about your current and past functioning, learning more about your symptoms and how they impact your day to day living.

If ongoing counseling sessions are appropriate after the intake, your counselor will schedule more appointments where they will continue to learn about your experiences, challenges, strengths, ways of coping, etc

and collaborate on a treatment plan.

Therapy is often a process of growth and self-discovery

and we have the tools and professional experience to help you meet your goals.

Culturally Sensitive Therapists

Reach Out

RAI Counseling Services, LLC
We provide Telehealth Therapy in Massachusetts
Ph: 508 834 3062

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