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7 Reasons Telehealth Therapy Works!

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

  1. #TelehealthTherapy is Convenient. You don't need to account for travel time and traffic conditions when you schedule a Telehealth appointment. This can give you more time to get settled in and actually prepare for your session, versus feeling rushed and overwhelmed as you walk into the door of an office.

  2. Telehealth Therapy is Flexible. You can schedule a session at any time of the day, based on what your schedule looks like for that day or week. Often times, people are not able to meet with their counselors during the day or first thing in the morning due to their school or work schedules. With #Telehealth, you don't have to be stuck with an appointment after work hours, that may extend your whole day. You can have a session during your lunch break, an hour before your work day begins, or at a more convenient time during the day.

  3. Telehealth Therapy increases your level of Comfort. Having a counseling session in the comfort of your own home, brings its own unique experience. It's so important for clients to feel comfortable and relaxed, as much as possible, during their sessions and Telehealth therapy has allowed this to happen more easily.

  4. Telehealth Therapy increases Access. The demand for counseling has sky rocketed in the past 18-20 months. With Telehealth #therapy, you can schedule an appointment with a counselor who works all the way on the other side of your state, without having to drive 1-2 hours one way for a session. There is no longer a need to wait 6-8 months for a #counselor in your city and you may find a counselor that is a better fit to treat your symptoms at a farther location that is now easily accessible due to Telehealth options.

  5. Telehealth Therapy is Safe. We cannot overstate the convenience Telehealth therapy provides when a client is in the safety and comfort of their own home. In addition, there are multiple weather elements that may impact one's travel and cause hazardous travel conditions unexpectedly. Unfortunately, clients have had to cancel their session in the last minute, due to these issues, which is expected for safety reasons but is not always best for their treatment process. Telehealth therapy also increases a client's level of confidentiality and privacy, which can be difficult to control in the waiting room of therapy offices.

  6. Telehealth Therapy increases Involvement of Supportive Family Members/Friends. Many clients have been able to invite their loved ones to their sessions, more easily through Telehealth therapy. We are not meant to do life alone, and it is important to some clients to have a trusted family member or friend, join one or two of their sessions so that they can learn more about what the client needs and/or about their progress in treatment. With Telehealth therapy, a client can easily invite a loved one by sharing an approved link to their session.

  7. Telehealth Therapy is Easy to use. Telehealth therapy can be done via phone or on a computer using HIPAA compliant platforms. Usually, clients only need to click a link or click a button to join the session. Whether you're sitting in a private room, in your parked car or walking in a private area, you can conveniently join your therapy session and get the #support you need, right in that moment.


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