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January 2021 RAI-lights - Black Lives Matter.

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

"Make no mistake, the justice system isn’t broken, it was built to work this way."

Though I don't have all the right words to express the gravity of the distress inducing events at the Capitol on Jan 6 2021, I know it is yet another violating reminder of the persistent systemic racism and injustice faced by Black people in America, and by other people of color. We are not ignorant about what would've happened if any of the BLM peaceful protestors in 2020 had done even a pinch of what these white supremacists and domestic terrorists did yesterday.

To every BIPOC feeling confused, re-traumatized, angry, and a host of other mix of emotions, we SEE you and FEEL you. This country has only scratched the surface in becoming anti-racist, and has such a long way to go. We are hopeful about ALL of the exciting changes 2021 will bring with it and will continue to demand change with our Voice and our Votes! 🖤

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