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Hello April! Here's What We've Been Talking About...

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

... in the past month! Take a look at the images below for more details on these reminders:

1. During this time of transition and change, allow yourself to be flexible with your definition of success and with your daily 'to-dos'. It's okay to check in with yourself *first* not last.

2. How do you notice and change your negative thoughts? Through self-compassion, validation, and finding a neutral perspective.

3. Learn the connection between your thoughts, emotions, body responses and behaviors. One way to take back control of your thoughts, is to choose what you do (behavior) in the present moment. Then notice the difference in your mood and thoughts afterwards. Notice and be curious, without judgment.

4. We can gain control of our thoughts when anxious, by answering those "What If..." questions that try to keep us stuck in a helpless place. The answer doesn't change the problem, yet you notice what feels different after you allow yourself answer the question instead of repeating the fearful thought over and over.

5. Here's a reminder to breathe and refocus on the present. Be here now 💙

6. What Feels Good About some of your 'go to' ways of coping? It's so important to reflect on this question, and answer it, honestly without judgment.

7. Uncomfortable or Unsafe? Does your body know the difference? With compassion and support we can learn (re-learn) and train (re-train) the body to notice the difference and respond accordingly.

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