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What is Parent Coaching?

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Parent coaching is a directive approach that is brief (2-4 sessions) to assist with identifying a presenting problem or off-baseline concerns. The Parent Coach will typically provide support in the following areas: behavioral issues, family transitions, children at high risk, and developmental disorders.

The Parent Coach and parent/parents or caregiver will work together to create a brief assessment and determination of goals such as: establishing healthy relationships, establishing healthy boundaries, enhancing healthy communication, and improving parenting strategies. The parent coach can provide outside resources and connect individuals and families to assist with long-term stabilization and continuation of care. This resource can be beneficial for any parent/parents or caregiver who would benefit from clinical insight and intervention. The coach will provide psychoeducation designed for the child/family pertaining to the individual needs/diagnosis.

The Parent coach will assist the parent/caregiver by providing clinical interventions, developing solution-focused thinking, discuss and recognizing strategies contingent on a person and family-centered curriculum.

What can a Parent Coach assist with?

A Parent Coach can assist with various transitions, changes, and conflicts that may arise within families such as:

· Transition issues (marriage, divorce, death, adoption, fostering) or familial changes

· General behavioral issues

· Psychoeducation pertaining to learning issues

· Psychoeducation pertaining to adjusting to chronic illness or disease

· RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder)

· Parent/Parents in recovery

· Adoption

· Foster care support

· New parents

· Screen time concerns/conflicts

· Chores

· Consequences and expectations

· LGBTQ support

· Psychoeducation for difficult conversations with your child.

· Development stages

· Trauma

· Acculturation conflict/stress

Parent Coaching can be an effective tool to provide guidance, support, and validation. The Parent Coach can assist with the de-escalation of stress and conflict by providing psychoeducation and assisting with identifying coping skills to assist with stabilizing the family system. The Parent Coach can also provide psychoeducation to assist with identifying and processing systemic issues that may interrupt and impact the daily routine and baseline functioning within the family system.

If you are currently feeling overwhelmed with parenting issues or concerns, you are not alone. Fortunately, Parent Coaching is available to assess and provide you with clinical insight and interventions to assist with tools and resources to stabilize your family.

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